About Us


 We are two pole fitness enthusiasts based out of Pacific North West, Canada seeking to add value to our beloved industry.

Holy Grip was born out of necessity for a longer lasting pole grip that dries clear and completely blocks sweat from diminishing your training.

"When we're coming off stage the last thing your audience wants to see is a chalky sweaty mess on your hands, and you really don't have time to re-apply halfway through a show."

We develop our products in conjunction with lab technicians over the course of months of testing. There's a lot of excitement and frustration, but in the end it's absolutely worth the wait! When the Rapid Traction arrived, we applied a small amount to the palms of hands and were excited that we had finally achieved the sheer tack that we had been striving for.

The pole studio was the ultimate test; one application to the palms, and voila! Success!

This is exactly what we were looking for and we couldn't be more excited to share it with you!

 Fallon Lang, Holy Grip Operations Manager

Fallon Lang, Operations Manager // Founder

Professional Dancer of 12 years with a background in sales and accounting. Originally from England, Fallon is very well known for her pole artistry and her passion for the sport extends into teaching others the art as well. Her love for animals is unparalled, and is a strong advocate for rescue welfare. In her spare time she can be found camping, snowboarding, playing video games or out on a mountain with her wonderful husband.



Chris Bennett, Production Manager // Founder

Chris Bennett, Production Manager // Founder

Entrepreneur of 3 years, with a background in customer service and production managment. Pole fitness is one of the many forms of strength training he enjoys; including boxing, surfing and marathon running. His vibrant style rides shotgun, and is known for having a black belt in keeping it real. In his spare time he can be found out on a trail in the wild back country of British Columbia Canada, or in the gym training with his admirable partner.