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New! Irresistable Sheer Rhinestoned Body Suit
For those who prefer to be the spectacle! This vertically striped bodysuit is stoned for the gods, but also for pole classes, and competitions - pair with leggings and leather jacket for a show stopping debut look fresh out of quarantine.

Features a highly breathable mesh body hugging material.

Made specifically for pole fitness, giving you the comfort to move seamlessly.
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Rapid Traction
The best pole grip for humid climates!

An absolute sheer amount of dry traction on your hands and anchor points, giving you an added sense of security for pole fitness. Featuring a smooth, invisible, dry finish with a sweat blocking component that stays put and lasts long. Every showgirl's secret weapon!
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Unleash Rapid Traction onto your sweaty palms today to feel the difference the best liquid grip makes in every lift, hold, transition, and dismount.

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Finally a grip that doesn’t leave my hands dry and chalky. This grip provides a nice tacky feeling with no residue. As a pole/exotic dancer I’ve been using it daily for shows and training and have been nothing but impressed, Will be using this from now on!


I personally enjoy the moisture wicking technology this grip possesses because it leaves my skin feeling great while keeping my palms dry. This is beneficial for pole dancers that want to look moisturized while dancing without losing grip. Great job!


I have been using this product the past month and it’s amazing. It offers great traction and doesn’t leave much leftover residue on the pole after. Also added bonus that it’s vegan friendly. I definitely will buy again!



Performance Quality.

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before you drop.

Secure your climbs, holds, and drops with a little dab on anchor points. A sheer amount of tack, free of sticky-residue, or powdery mess.